Following is an excerpt from The Geostel Brownbook describing the "Moon-IC" locational influence as found on astrocartography maps and similar linemaps. Compare this Julian Lee text to the A*C*G descriptions of the same influence. (Quoted at the bottom of this piece.)
Julian Lee
MOON in Fourth
and at cusp (IC)
Moon is a benign and often very positive influence in your Fourth Sector or at the Ic. ("Ic" or imum coeli means the beginning of the Fourth Sector.) The exception would be a badly positioned natal moon, or a moon undergoing transiting attacks during the time lived in the location. Otherwise, Moon-Four produces sweet phenomena, especially the water and earth moons.

Grow Some Roots

This is one of the major nesting influences. People who stay a long time in the same home are likely to have a Moon-Four in their RelNats. The Fourth House is the Cancer House -- the Moon’s own domain. So living here your Moon feels happy and you put down roots. People who have lived with Moon-Four very long are almost immovable, except when hard transits hit that Moon or the locational Fourth House Ruler. Even if you leave, you'll probably be returning. These places draw you back.

Family & Clan: Mother of All Tribes

This is one of the best locations for family life. You find yourself surrounded by a group that feels like intimate family, normally including natural family. You develop a potent family consciousness, with the strong inclination to benefit your little “tribe.” You become protective of them. You come to feel emotion, deep and rich, for family and clan. You won't easily allow others into the family circle, but once they are in, it's in a real way. You become territorial, aware of family boundaries. You become sensitive about your space here. When someone knocks you tend to open the door just a bit. You'll be aware of little things that go on around your land and home. You under-stand the "cellular" approach to life, found in all of nature. People might view you as clannish. But you hold the vital family consciousness of the realm. Moon-Four locations produce the solid, cohesive and self-sufficient citizens of the nations. These people form the national repository of tradition, dharma, and handed-down cultural knowledge.

Moon Beings Shine Around The House

Any time you take a feminine planet and place it into your locational Fourth sector, you manifest female energies and persons around your home space. This is true of Moon-Four,  especially for men living with it. A female presence around the home is a common manifestation. She'll usually have strong "mother energy” that is comforting to be around. Often living here you find that your mother is a strong presence in your life. She is nurturing and caring (unless your moon is afflicted.) On the other hand, she can be smothering and controlling and overfill your life. This person can make it hard to leave here; hard to be your own person. But you have your own attachment s and sense of family ties to keep you here. If it isn’t your real mother, still you are likely to find some mother figure having a basic influence in your daily life.

The Place of Nourishment

You are well fed here. Somebody makes sure you eat well. This position is an improver of digestion and you are likely to store up food and provisions. You become the earth mother archetype or household herbalist, always having the right concoction on hand which you have acquired or made from your garden outings. You become a saver of sentimental things.  Meaningful objects collect around you.This location, along with Venus, Sun, and Jupiter-Four, has the effect of preserving  family heirlooms, records, and personal treasures. 

The Gardener’s Secret

This locational factor produces the inclination to garden, and success in gardening if it’s a juicy moon. (A well-aspected moon, and in signs like Taurus and Cancer.) The interest veers toward vegetables and herbs more than flowers, but all sorts of garden moments are enjoyed by these locatees. Self-sufficiency becomes an interest, and a fruitful activity. Gardening is less likely and less successful if you have a drier moon, say in Aquarius, or afflicted by Saturn.

You are very emotional here but try not to show it. You are fidgety and like to be moving about. At night, Moon-Four locations improve your sleep, and enrich the dream life. (As do Jupiter-, Neptune-, and Venus-Four.) You develop  intuition and receive guidance from hunches. Your imagination is rich, especially when at home.

Living here one is likely be the beneficiary of a home and property through family ties. By itself Moon-Four doesn’t necessarily bring a large or opulent home, but rather a cozy nest. Here people tend to maintain furniture arrangements and family patterns for long periods. You may notice a little dirt around the homes of these locatees

Moon-Four puts you a little "out of your element" when in the exterior world. The outer realm seems brash and dangerous, and you are relieved to get back to the sanctuary of home. Moon-Four is not an enhancer of career development. But you become a fixture of your realm even so. Locals come to feel you as a part of the secret wealth of their town, the deeper layer of the community known best to old-timers. Just the thought of your tender concerns and quiet staying power in the village is a comfort to those who see you walk by.

All of the above will be noticeable with Moon anywhere in the RelNat Fourth. It is strongest with Moon at the starting cusp (IC) or ending cusp of the RelNat Fourth. On a scale of 1 to 10, the planet at Ic produces the phenomena to a degree of 10; late in the House an 8-9, and anywhere else in the House a 7-8. It is not necessary to have Moon right at the beginning cusp (IC) to get this phenomena. (See later section, “Going Beyond Linemaps.”)

In general, living with Moon in locational Fourth is a sign of good karma, especially in a childhood location. If you have a good moon, and you move here for the first time, you will find the location soothing, a balm to your soul. You will always feel drawn back to Moon-Four locations, and if your moon is not receiving any hard transits when you do return, the return will be sweet .

The original ACG material makes this factor seem of little value, ar even undesirable. This is odd since the Fourth House and its cusp (IC) are the Moon’s own territory. Moon is naturally happy, at home, and fruitful in its own Cancerian House. The ACG material misstates the case in saying this influence produces relocations. This would be likely with certain kinds of afflicted Moons, or when Moon undergoes hits, or when the Ruler of the locational Fourth House is being disturbed. A Moon-Four locatee normally  clings tenaciously to an existing residence.

Moon is most adversely affected by harsh transits and  progressions from Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. The harshest transits are the dodecile, the quincunx, and the square -- in that order. Moon-Four locations produce difficult fourth house dramas at these times.


Compare the above text to the description
from the A*C*G brown booklet on Moon-IC:
"Here, family matters, concerns of home and property tend to take up all of your time and energy. There is a comfortable feeling of belonging, and a need to seek and insure security, but also a tendency to move constantly, due to a need to totally control environment, and to insure privacy. You want to feel at home and secure, but things out of your control keep happening, especially West of this line, and people who need you seem to be always arriving. "Me and mine" ideas develop strongly here, and you are able to blend into any environment, seem to belong where you are, despite the constant change and emotionalism with which home and personal matters are charged."
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